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Employees are often the public facing element of the company or organisation and therefore represent them in all aspects of life, they are also often exposed to sensitive information and planning.


Due diligence is required to ensure the values and standards of those employees are aligned with the expectations of their employer; professionally, socially, and legally.

Our Approach

We blend open source (OS) information searches from over 100 social media platforms in all major languages, global public record databases, and the dark web to paint a picture of a candidate's online presence.

This, in isolation however, does not necessarily tell you who they are.

Image by Luca Bravo

Human Intelligence

After understanding a candidate's online presence, we then apply our USP; interviewing.  Using highly experienced former military intelligence and law enforcement officers, we understand the person behind the online persona and resume.  Using a priority list predefined with the client, we are able to elicit key pieces of information an internet seach will not find.  This results in a broad spectrum security risk assessment on the people our clients grant privileged access to their lives and businesses.

2 in 5

Estimated number of employees that lie on their resume according to

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