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Security Testing

Even the most comprehensive security infrastructure has vulnerabilities. Spotting these vulnerabilities can be challenging without a fresh perspective and having an external entity adopt the profile of your likely threat actors is the only way to confirm what you're using works.


We have extensive experience in security testing, from the finance sector to sensitive governmental sites, our approach is measurable, proportionate, and non-destructive. 

Our Approach

Our aim when testing security is to provide you with the most complete performance data possible in a given timeframe.  We mimic the approaches and sophistication levels used by the most likely threat actors you face, and we can emulate everything from opportunistic and unsophisticated theft, all the way to nation-state level aggressors.

We prioritise communication with the client to minimise intrusion on normal operations at the test location, and a detailed briefing and follow on report allows clients to track performance and make improvements based on results.

Office Building at Night
Image by Dima Pechurin

Full Spectrum Testing

The human element will always represent the most vulnerable aspect of a security system; we conduct social engineering serials that will test staff and the processes they follow, highlighting training gaps in staff and processes that require refinement.

This is combined with a full suite of non-destructive method of entry equipment for testing physical access control infrastructure.

Access gained to 92.9% of sites tested since 2018

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