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Intellectual Property Protection

Intellectual Property (IP) theft has seen a significant spike in recent years. Research and development costs can be significant, and a truly novel idea can accelerate the growth of a company; both are wasted if sensitive or proprietary information doesn't stay secure.  


By combining information security best practices with vetting and insider threat management, we help you create the secure environment you need, so you can focus on business.

Our Approach

Intellectual Property (IP) theft is most often achieved through a vulnerability in the human element, often referred to as insider threats.  While there is technology that can alert leadership to information security breaches, a human issue requires a human solution.


We assist clients in structuring their operations in a compartmentalised manner, with multiple levels of risk management applied to protecting their most sensitive information.

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Insider Threats

Detecting insider threats has been an issue faced by government agencies and business for hundreds of years.  The introduction of technology in storing information has only increased the means by which insiders can remove data, and efforts to counter insiders with tech usually only serve as an alarm that something has already happened.

Our team have a unique insight into and background in managing insider threats, having operational conducted counter-intelligence and intelligence collection for many years.  

We blend processes with technology, vetting with training, and oversight with leadership to deliver a service that comes as close to mitigating insider threats as is reasonably practicable.

14% of all insider threat security breaches are malicious in nature

according to

Malicious insider threats are defined as 'deliberately damaging or fraudulent activity knowingly conducted by a trusted individual with the express intent of abusing their privileged access'

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