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Investigating malpractice, unethical behaviour, or even just your own online presence can be daunting.  Our approach blends our proven experience in intelligence collection and law enforcement to deliver discreet, ethical, and effective results.  Whether the investigation requires extensive online research, or in-person surveillance, we use industry leading experts to present you with the facts you need.

Our Approach

We believe that conducting investigations should be treated with the respect it is due; done incorrectly, it can be an intrusive activity that damages trust.

We spend as much time as is necessary fully understanding the breadth and depth of the client's issues before creating a mutually agreed upon scope.  We focus on gathering the information the client needs, but the method we employ are balanced against proportionality remain completely legal. 

Image by Elijah Mears
Image by Sam Albury

Our Methods

We will always seek to gather information in a passive and indirect manner first; using advanced open source internet and database research methods wherever applicable.

Some investigations may require more directed activity, for which we have access to industry leading experts.  Please contact us for further details.

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