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Counter-Surveillance Services

Surveillance can be conducted by a variety of different parties, in a variety of different ways; stalkers, paparazzi, and corporate espionage outfits can all blend physical surveillance with technical and online approaches.


Countering these efforts starts with knowing they are happening in the first place.

Our Approach

We believe in proactive measures where possible; if a client is approaching a decision, situation, or event that may lead to outside parties being interested in their movements and activities, then we can take steps to limit their exposure beforehand.

Sometimes we have to be reactive, and in these cases we work hard to provide the client with simple and effective procedures and technology to assist them in keeping their private life, private, without compromising their freedom.

Camera on tripod_edited.jpg
GPSTiger Vehicle Tracking Application for Handheld Devices_edited.jpg

Our Methods

We start by understanding what someone can find out about our client; that forms the basis for our information gathering mitigations.

Whether we need to mitigate cyber intrusion, drone photography, or physical surveillance, we have industry experts in all relevant disciplines that are cohered by a dedicated client consultant to provide full spectrum protection against information gathering.

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