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Ensure those you trust, are trustworthy.

Human focused solutions for human based problems

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A Fresh Set of Eyes

Romeo Foxtrot specialises in intelligence led security solutions.  We know from first hand experience that people and organisations that hide behind hugely costly security infrastructure, assuming they are secure because of it, are often the simplest to breach. 


Romeo Foxtrot is comprised of a group of multi-disciplinary intelligence and security professionals from across defence and government departments, bringing decades of experience in understanding, solving, and managing complex risk management problems.


Our company is based on the belief that people can either be an organisation's greatest strength, or their biggest vulnerability


RF displayed a fantastic level of knowledge in their field and managed to deliver training on a complex subject in a manner that was universally accessible, from Officer level down to junior crew. Far more interesting than the usual security training and everyone learnt loads.

Captain, 70m Motor Yacht

RF's testing team proved to me that despite us having completed an extensive security upgrade project, there were still vulnerabilities in how we were operating. Great communication, excellent report, good fun to observe working!

Head of Security, multi-national finance company

I engaged RF to assess the online presence of one of my colleagues after they were subject to some unwarranted threats from a former co-worker.  We found out there was far more online than we thought and we were able to remove the information that related to my colleagues personal life. 

Head of protective services, Public sector department

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